The moment Scout opened the door to their home, I knew this would quickly become one of my favorite sessions. From their inviting home, to their eclectic style, to their adorable pup (which we will get to later) it was a total gem of a place! I kind of wanted to hang out with them at their house for the rest of the day. I'm pretty sure I even suggested it, casually joking... or not joking.

Little baby Maple (yes, I knoooooooow. Cutest name ever!).  

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten to mention their pup, Moose. Because it's pretty much the best combo EVER; Maple & Moose. I feel Scout needs to write a children's book about her duo because it's like the cutest thing. I clearly remember Scout asking me if she should put Moose away during our session, and I may have shouted "NO!" on accident. Dogs stay, always.