starting at $400

They take place at an outdoor location. We spend 1 hour together. Your kids play in the fields, pick wild flowers, run around, have tickle fights and piggy back rides. You get to be you, in your element. We talk, we laugh and I get to know you and your kids. Their quirks, what makes them giggle and their favorite flavor of ice cream.

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in-home newborn sessions-

starting at $350

These sessions take place in the comfort of your home within 5-14 days after you bring baby home. We spend 2 hours together and I capture those little in between moments from diaper changes to feedings, to cuddles on the couch. They are a lovely alternative if you are craving a more unique way of capturing your home life with a newborn. 


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fresh 48 sessions-

starting at $250

These take place within 48 hours of giving birth. I come and capture those brand new moments of an expanding family. The rawness, the realness, the newness. Those moments where you look back in a few years and all of those feelings come flooding back. We spend 1 hour together and we all swoon over your precious new addition.




starting at $300

Capturing your little ones soon to be arrival is a beautiful time in life. Pregnancy glow, baby bumps, flowy dresses. All of it just sings of new life and the giddiness that comes along with it.




starting at $350

Whether it takes place in the comfort of your home, laying on the couch, coffee and pancakes in the morning, or out on the town, we spend an hour together just hanging out. Letting me into your life to capture those fun and romantic moments of you, as a couple. We laugh, j-walk across busy streets, chase the golden light together. They are intimate, romantic and unique to you as a couple.


A $100 fee is due upon booking. After your session takes place you will receive an online private gallery to view your custom edited images. You are given digital files with the freedom to download and print where you like. Because I know life is busy for you and I like to keep things simple.

Interested in a session but don't see it listed? I'd love to hear about it, so contact me and let's chat!