Fresh 48 sessions are all about documenting those first days of new life. There is little to no posing, no props and no flash from the camera. My goal is to capture authentic moments with your baby and all that encompasses new life. Fresh 48 sessions are done in the hospital or birthing center that your baby is born in within the first two days of life (after their birth but before you go home).


the day of:

I like to have my families text me when they are on their way to the hospital and then another quick text when baby arrives, so I can clear my schedule. On the day of our session, I usually try to arrive around noon when the sun is highest, giving us enough natural light to work with. I will help move things around, and mom can stay in the comfort of the bed. Try to have baby either naked with a diaper or in the hospital onesie. I will take individual images of just baby and all that encompasses that first day experience; the wrinkly feet, the hospital blankets and bracelets, nursing (if you request them), everyone cuddled up on the bed and everything in between, even diaper changes too. You can expect the session to last around 45 minutes depending on the hospital schedule and of course your baby. Feeding baby before my arrival will help ensure we make the most of our time together. However don’t feel pressured to have everything lined up. As a mother myself, I know that babies have their own schedule, so we will follow baby’s lead.


what to wear:

For baby-

A classic white onesie is always a favorite and timeless. The one the hospital provides, is even better. Those pieces of cloth soon become heirlooms and may be kept for decades.

For parents-

Think neutrals; creams, whites, grey, etc. Try and avoid clothing with flashy and bright colors (neons), dark colors like black and navy (because they create deep shadowing) and shirts with large logos, as they tend to distract and take away form the overall image. Moms usually like to wear an oversized comfy sweater and leggings, however comfort overrides all when it comes to just have given birth and the hospital gown is totally acceptable!

For siblings-

Same tips apply to kiddos. Avoid distracting patterns and shirts with characters on them. Simple is best when it comes to being photographed.


I am looking forward to documenting your little ones first moments on earth! Do not feel bad if your baby cries, has a poop explosion, or is just wanting to nurse the entire session. As a mom myself, nothing scares me anymore ;-). I am fully vaccinated, just so you are aware and I will try not to handle or touch your baby. I may adjust a swaddle blanket or hat, but that is usually the extent of my contact. As always, feel free to ask any other questions you may have and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy!

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