While my first love is photography, my close second is interiors. I love spaces, and filling them with design and purpose. When my boys were little, I would daydream about elegant baby girl nurseries (because hello, those are just more fun to decorate. There I said it). Having boys pushed me to get more creative with their space. My oldest is now 7 and I feel like I'm finally getting "it". I think.

I was never into themed rooms, simply because my children change their minds like the summer weather on the east coast. One day they are into Thomas the Train, the next day it's  Star Wars. Which would mean $$$ if I had to constantly change the decor. And I'm not all about that. Instead I try and chose items that can carry over from age to age, obsession to obsession. 


I always start decorating my spaces with one particular piece. For this room, my inspiration started with the bed frame. It's a simple, metal platform bed that I found here on Wayfair. I told you I shop on a budget, right? ;-) The bedding is an accumulation throughout the years of wandering the isles of Target and HomeGoods. The buffalo plaid blanket is the back of a quilt that I made with my mom, while my husband was deployed. The little cement desk light is HomeGoods find, when I wasn't planning on finding anything that trip. Or every other trip I make there. It gives off the most cozy ambient light at night. I hang out in this room almost every night while my kiddos get their evening wiggles out. The rug was also a find that I wasn't looking for at IKEA and the curtains, also from IKEA should really be a staple item in every house. The "ZZZ" sign is a cute little wooden sign from a shop called Everlaser. It's one of my favorite pieces in the room. 


When my kiddo started 1st grade this year, he told me he really wanted a desk to "do his homework" and how could I turn down such a request?! I needed something small and simple due to limited space and this IKEA desk was just perfect. Paired with a white chair and that also ties in to the table made it come together nicely. And yes, I see you eyeballing the ammo can. Things like this always make their way home because that's what life is like with a dad in the military ;-) It's full of his most precious toys. 

Who wouldn't want to do homework here?

Who wouldn't want to do homework here?

I have been hanging on to these cork letters from Target, for like 6 years. I didn't really know what to do with them so then they stayed in the closet for awhile and then they moved to a moving box and stayed there for 2 more moves and I forgot I had them. Military life moving problems. When I started to unpack our household goods when we got to Washington, I rediscovered them and knew I HAD to use them, finally. I switched out the "O" for a clock, and let me tell you, my son thought it was the coolest thing. (Mom points).

Now that this room is done, it's on to the next boys room! It's still a work in progress, aka a giant mess. I should probably go and take care of it.