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Hey there!

I am a self taught natural light, lifestyle photographer in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I am a mother to two amazingly beautiful sons and a wife of a soldier. Although my journey with photography started over a decade ago in the dark room developing film, I didn't start shooting with intent until 2013 when I had my second child and my husband was deployed. I needed a way of capturing and preserving those moments that he was missing and still have a way of letting him feel like he was there, in the moment, feeling those same feelings as me. I wanted my images to connect us, even though we were worlds apart. His absence made me crave the small details of my childrens childhood and it challenged me to be more aware of my perspectives and how I viewed all forms of light. To capture light and movement and feeling all in one frame is how my heart sings.


I like to think that my passion has been passed down through generations, as my Opa was a photographer in the army during the Korean War and my mother was always "the one with the camera". I crave simplicity, even numbers and the way the light filters through my blinds at the end of the day. I believe that my images should speak for themselves and have to power to evoke emotion and feeling without the need of a caption. I hope that you like what you see as you scroll through my work and I would love to get to know you, so go on, contact me. Let's capture some memories together. 

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